At Single we admire simple things that go further making our lives easier and more enjoyable. We promise to deliver a truly personal service. That way you save time and time is the most precious commodity in the world.

What is Single about



Let us help you with your financial and organizational tasks. User-friendly interface, personal manager always ready to answer your questions, cash and valuables logistics - Single is designed to provide you with unlimited control over your finances 24 hours a day.

Your personal manager will help you with your organizational and financial tasks and will be happy to answer all your questions anytime.
Single application installed on your mobile device will provide you with 24/7 access to your money and a comfortable technology of personal finance management.
You safety and comfort are the main priority. Single will take care of your cash and valuables logistics.



Single provides maximum opportunities for your finance: international credit card, cash withdrawals at any ATM with no fee, savings accounts in 5 world's currencies, a credit line and tools for personal  finance management.

International credit card is a safe and handy payment tool at more than 30000000 outlets all around the world.  

We trust you and open a credit line for all your wishes: with your Single card you can purchase anything you want.
With Single card every ATM is yours. Cash withdrawal at any ATM with no extra fee.
A set of Single saving accounts in five world’s major currencies gives you a true freedom of choice and a reliable well-balanced structure of your personal finance.
Planning your future is easy when you have a clear view of funds flow on your accounts.



We are happy to take care of your organization tasks. That way you save time for things that are really important and enjoyable.

Single will make you a welcomed guest in world’s best bars and restaurants.
We will bring your ideas to life or offer you exciting options how to spend your free time.
Making gifts is one of the most pleasant things in the world. We will help you to select a perfect gift and we deliver it right on time.
We want you to feel protected from any accidents with Single personalized insurance programs for you and your relatives.



Single Rewards Program offers large discounts at stores and boutiques worldwide, as well as extra privileges and special offers for members.

Various rewards and pleasant surprises to thank you for choosing Single.
You will always get big discounts in stores and restaurants all around the world by paying with your Single card.
High-end off-hour service in boutiques, personal stylists and tailor services. Nothing is impossible when you use Single.
Prestigious international plastic card means an unprecedented level of service and a wide range of privileges and special offers for you.



Single helps you plan your vacation and business trips. You can pay either by Single card or bonus points to book tickets, hotels, transfers and travel insurance 24/7.

Thousands of hotels all over the world will be happy to welcome you and your family.
Choose your destination and we will offer you the fastest and the most comfortable itinerary.
Just name a destination and we will take care of all the papers, visas and insurance needed for your travel.
Whatever happens when you are abroad, Single is always near. Should you lose your card we will take any necessary means to minimize the consequences.

Thank you!

We will let you know as soon as Single is available. Meanwhile you can read about the developments and follow us on Facebook and Twitter


We are currently testing our web-bank and Single credit cards to open accounts for our clients.

If you wish to be the first to enjoy the quality and simplicity of our services you can kindly submit your personal information here.



If you wish to be the first to enjoy the quality and simplicity of Single services you can kindly submit your personal information here.


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